Our Story

Welcome to Harmony and Balance

Avivage Massage welcomes every *body* into our tranquil environment. Our space is designed to inspire harmony and balance to all of your senses creating an experience along with your therapeutic massage.

Here you can take a break, let go, and allow our skilled therapists to help bring you back to balance. Our goal is to treat the individual, meeting you wherever you are and use our knowledge to further the process of bringing a sense of relief to body and mind.

Every Body is Welcome!

It is so vital to our team and culture that every body who comes to Avivage feels fully welcome. It is an honor to be able to work with you and meet you, wherever you are on your journey.

Any “body” who wishes for peace and wants to begin within themselves
BIPOC Community
LGBTQIA+ Community
Parents to be
Repetitive strain injuries
Desk/Office workers
Elite athletes
Neck/back pain sufferers
Whiplash/auto-accident injuries
Chronic pain suffers
Activists & Community Organizers