Massage Services for Couples and Singles

Couples Massage: Two Massage Therapists treat two people in the same studio.
Single Massage :  Standard session for a single person with one Massage Therapist.

Avivage Infusion_CBD

New! CBD Infused Massage

This is our most popular massage.  The relief continues well beyond your massage time with the addition of fast-acting relief from our new CBD balm. The balm contains rich Cannabidiol (CBD), has a clean energizing scent, and is all-natural and gluten-free.

$214 – Couple 60 minutes
$107 – Single 60 minutes

Essential Oil Infused Massage

Another popular option is our massage with a bonus. Your massage will be infused with pure therapeutic grade essential oils (choose peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, or lemongrass) which have an energizing effect on the body and carry various benefits for arthritis, muscle and joint pain, or inflammation. You, your joints, and muscles will leave feeling a sense of relief that will last well beyond your session.
*Please note: If you have sensitive skin, this session may not be right for you.

$210 – Couple 60 minutes
$105 – Single 60 minutes

Peppermint essential oil in a glass bottle with a tag on wooden background

Couples Massage

A wonderful opportunity for any two people -- partners, friends, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons – to experience a nurturing and relaxing massage, performed while they spend quality time together. Two Massage Therapists will treat you and your massage partner in the same studio. Couples massage is also a great way to be introduced to massage.

Session price is per pair.
$180 – 60 minutes

Single Massage

Our standard sessions for a single person. We integrate various types of body work, customized to your needs. Whether you need focus work, general relaxation or a combination of both along with stretching; we find out what is needed and build from there.

$90 – 60 minutes


Prenatal Massage

Used to support the physiological, structural, and emotional well-being of both mother and baby, most prenatal massages with us are in a sideline position with a comfortable and supportive bolster system. Various forms of therapy include Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Movement.

If you are a high risk pregnancy, please be sure you have clearance by your doctor to have a massage.

$100 – 60 minutes