Protocol for Covid-19

We are looking forward to having you back with us at Avivage Massage. Your safety and wellness are our priority.


  • All appointments will be booked and paid for online (through the MindBody App or at to minimize contact.
  • Gratuity for your therapist can be paid with cash or text us at 651-222-8222 with the amount; we will apply it on our end and email you a receipt. You may also reschedule your appointment via text or go online.
  • After booking your appointment online, you will be required to fill out an intake form with questions regarding your current state of health. If you have any covid 19 symptoms: coughing, sneezing, fever, or chills, please stay home. Please email us as soon as possible prior to your appointment and we will reschedule your appointment.

Available Massage Services

  • We will only provide 60 minute sessions until further notice.
  • To redeem gift cards, you will be asked to provide a gift card number upon checking out for your appointment online.
  • If you are having any issues scheduling online, the best way to contact us is this online email form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


  • If you are unable to make it to your appointment please text 651-222-8222 as early as possible.
  • Last minute cancellations due to sickness will be waived. In the event a therapist becomes sick or exposed to Covid-19, you will be notified as soon as we become aware of the situation.

Arriving For Your Appointment

  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your session time.
  • If you are late for your appointment, your appointment session time will be reduced.
  • You are required to bring your own mask.
  • Therapists will be required to wear a new disposable mask before each session.
  • Remove your shoes in the area of stairs before entering the space.
  • Your therapist will take your temperature using a contact-less infrared thermometer to make sure your temperature is 100 or lower.
  • From there, they will bring you straight to the studio.

Staff Safety

  • All employees will be required to take temperature screenings upon their shift arrival to guarantee a temperature of 100 or lower.
  • Gloves will be provided for therapists to use at the clients’ request. Hand sanitizer will be provided both before and after treatments.
  • We will continue to allow a minimum of 30 minutes in between each client so that our therapists can properly disinfect their treatment space
  • Therapists will be properly sanitizing and disinfecting each treatment room in accordance with Minnesota Department of Health guidelines, between each appointment to ensure a clean and safe environment for our clients.
  • HEPA air purifiers will be used in each treatment room which are designed to help eliminate germs and keep the air clean.
  • We will provide linens from a professional laundry service that uses an ozone sanitizing system, the same sanitization used in hospitals. We will only use sheets during your session for your safety and blankets upon request if you get too cold.

Assumption Of Risk

  • You understand that by coming to Avivage Massage for services, you are assuming the risk of exposure to the coronavirus (or other public health risk).

CDC Safety Guidelines

  • Finally, we advise all of our clients to follow safety guidelines from the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health regarding proper hand washing procedures, to wear masks in heavily populated areas, and to socially distance yourself at least 6 feet apart from other people.
  • Stay home and self-quarantine if you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19 during the past 14 days. We ask that you stay home if you have traveled in the last 10 days.